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Unpsychology Magazine: Imaginings

A series of intaglio prints created for Unpsychology magazine which explores mind, culture, ecology, psychology and soul. This is the first of two issues under the theme of ‘Imaginings’.

Working from a few excerpts and partial texts from the magazine I was less interested in trying to imagine a specific future but more about finding a way in, a doorway into a new space of possibility, taking a first step. To think anew you sometimes have to tear up the existing—so I used this as a point of departure for the images.

I tried to find a language for the artwork in the materials I was exploring at the time, using the printmaking process of collagraph—derived from the Greek word kolla, meaning glue, and graph, meaning written down, drawn or printed. Materials are essentially applied to a thin rigid board to form a kind of relief ‘collage’ which, through a careful process of inking is printed onto dampened paper under the pressure of a press.

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I’d been experimenting specifically with intaglio collagraph for the past year or so and beginning to understand the nuances of the process and possibilities for expression. Each trace of this process leaves a mark on the final print—actions are recorded in the printing plate, often in unpredictable ways. For this series I tried to limit the materials and techniques used in order to create a specific language, a language of tearing, breaking apart, fragmentation and layering.

These prints imagine a kind of experimental fiction. A first step towards imaginings. Deconstruction in order to build a new narrative. A framework on which to begin to attach new ideas…

Editorial Team: Julia Macintosh, Steve Thorp, Lesley Maclean and Patrick Carpenter. Design and Layout: Lesley Maclean. Sound Design: Patrick Carpenter. All writings and images copyright the respective authors. Published by Raw Mixture Publishing.

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