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Luke is a UK based artist and printmaker who creates limited edition original prints and paper goods exploring relationships to nature, memory and time.
With a background as an architect he was drawn to the technical challenge of the printmaking process and the possibilities to make a unique set of marks like no other medium.
Working across a range of printmaking techniques to capture unseen forces, suspended moments, hidden connections and wonder. Living and working in Bath, UK.

Current Work

Original prints are handmade at my studio in the centre of Bath in limited editions on heavyweight archival quality papers. I create new pieces regularly so come back and see what’s new or follow on Instagram for behind the scenes process, studio news, limited edition print releases and events…
I was drawn to printmaking because of its experimental nature and the challenge of the technical process which allows you to work with a variety of materials (wood, copper and stone to name a few) and the possibilities to make a unique set of marks like no other medium.
This process leads to discoveries at every step of the way in a dialogue between ideas, materials and tools, leaving space for the unexpected with errors that often lead to new ideas and artistic directions.
I’m involved in all stages of the production for original prints—from preparing the plates, papers and drawing, through to the final printing. This process is intensive and requires patience but produces images with beautiful detail and depth. I hope you find enjoyment in this process too…


I grew up near Oxford and moved to Bath in 2004 to study architecture which I practiced until a couple of years ago. I’ve always had a passion for drawing and design and have been making, painting or drawing in one form or another from an early age, but a few years ago I felt the calling to get more hands-on again and sensing this, my talented partner Ruth found a city centre workshop space which we swiftly stocked with tools with the initial intention to explore product design and furniture making.
Around the same time we moved to an apartment in need of renovation and over the next couple of years we designed and renovated the apartment between work projects, making furniture and joinery—from drawer units and wardrobes to doors and even the kitchen…
Throughout the build I had lots of time to reflect on what I enjoyed the most and began to fill sketchbooks with drawings and ideas before eventually experimenting with printmaking. I guess all this time I’ve been searching for a pursuit that combines artistic expression with technical skills and it’s taken a long and winding search to discover printmaking!
Currently working from my studio in Bath. When I’m not drawing you can usually find me running the hills or escaping to the Pembrokeshire coast for some beach time and even the occasional cold water swim…

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