Luke is an artist and printmaker based in Bath creating prints and paper goods inspired by nature, travel and adventure. 
With a background as an architect and a passion for drawing and graphic art, his work is influenced by places both real and imagined, cinema and photography.
Currently exploring intaglio printmaking techniques to create playful, bold & graphical artworks to celebrate the simple pleasures in life.

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With a background as an Architect I’ve always had a passion for drawing and design but a few years ago I felt the calling to get more hands-on again and sensing this, my talented partner Ruth found a city centre workshop space which we swiftly stocked with tools to explore making again. Around the same time we moved to an apartment in need of renovation and I also went freelance!


Over the next couple of years we designed and renovated the apartment between work projects, learning to make furniture and joinery—from drawer units and wardrobes to doors and even the kitchen—which we still need to finish! All told this has been a crazy process but we can now enjoy living and working in our light-filled home and studio which we’re steadily filling with colourful work from all of the talented artists and makers we find on a daily basis…


Throughout the building process I had lots of time to reflect on what I enjoyed the most and began to fill sketchbooks with ideas and inspiration. These were initially filled with quite technical hand-crafted products but began to shift to more open and creative illustration ideas. It now feels like I’ve come full circle and back to my artistic roots and I’ve been exploring a wide range of handmade printmaking techniques alongside collage work, blended with digital illustration.


When I’m not drawing I’m usually getting dusty in the workshop (building the odd piece of furniture) or muddy (on a mini-adventure) running the hills, woods and streets of Bath. I’d like to say I was wildly adventuring in far off places around the world but you can usually find me closer to home and deep into some creative work instead! I love film and tv (probably too much) and watch anything clever, stylish and beautifully shot as well as consuming music and podcasts at an alarming rate. We also try to escape to the Pembrokeshire coast as often as we can for some beach time and even the occasional cold water swim!


Thanks for stopping by and I’m looking forward to sharing this next stage of my creative journey with you! ; )


All products are printed and crafted in small quantities either in the studio, with local printers or suppliers based in the UK.


The materials used have been carefully selected with a balance of quality and sustainability in mind. Artwork and cards are printed on heavy stock papers from recycled and sustainable sources. These are selected for a combination of reasons depending on which paper is used, but include a high recycled fibre content, sustainably managed forestry sources, FSC Certification and even wind powered production methods!


Packaging has been chosen to be recycled and recyclable, biodegradable, carbon neutral, sustainably sourced and as plastic free as possible—from the tissue paper wrapping to the boxes and packing tapes. Any transparent wraps you see are a clear bio-film made from renewable vegetable starch which is fully biodegradable and compostable. More information can be found here.


All prints and paper goods purchased through the Luke Holcombe Studio Etsy shop will have 100% of the Carbon Emissions generated through delivery offset!


This means that for each item sold on Etsy a 'carbon-offset' is purchased, which essentially reduces the carbon emissions created through transport by an equal amount by supporting specific environmental projects. These include the protection of existing forests and extensive new tree planting, sponsorship of wind and solar energy farms to generate clean energy along with investment in greener production methods for car parts. You can find out more on the Etsy blog.

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